Jan 11, 2013

How to Install Itunes on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

iTunes is a audio and music player especially developed for the Iphone and other devices produced by Apple. Basically, there is no iTunes version for Ubuntu and Linux Mint or other open source operating system. But, fortunately Linux user can choose other application to run it function.

For the Apple users, however using the iTunes is more satisfying than other application. The Iphone users who use the open source operating system now can install and use the Playon Linux to install it on their desktop or laptops.

PlayOn Linux actually is an emulator that allows Linux users to run some Windows based application. Based on wine, it tries to build the file structure as well as in the windows which enable windows application installation. According to my experience, some windows based application such as Microsoft Office is available to be installed on Linux using this application.

To Install the iTunes, you need to install this emulator on your system. Run this command to install it:
sudo apt-get install playonlinux
 For other Linux distribution, you can download it here.

Once you finished installing PlayOn, run the application and click install. See this picture:

You will see the new window where you can choose the application that will be installed. Actually iTunes is registered, so you can easily choose to install. See this picture:

Select and click Install. You will see installation process is running.

The system will need to download the installation files. Make sure that you have the internet access. It will done automatically, so just wait until finished.

Follow all installation process since it will take several minutes.


Now You have iTunes on Your computer.

Enjoy to listen and manage your music.