Jan 10, 2013

How to Install and Upgrade Libre Office Without New Installation on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Libre Office is one of the most powerful office application built as the open source. Supported by the community, it is developed to support the open source users to have the most appropriate office suits for working. It comprise of Text Writer, spreadsheet and presentation maker, and some other official works supporting apps.
The current version of Libre Office is 3.6.4 which was released on 5 Dec 2012. There are many bugs have been fixed on this version. The current development makes Libre functionally more perfect to run the official works. According to the release note, hereby the current development achievement on 3.6 version:
  1. Better Graphic user interface for header and footer handling. It makes user easier to add header or footers, quickly see what is edited with new changing text boundaries. 
  2. Faster grammar checker for English and several other languages which automatically suggests the correct writing. 
  3. Better checker for automatic updates. It allows the manual download as well for the newest version.
  4. Quickly edit or remove headers and footers without going through page styles formatting
  5.  New native driver for PostgreSQL databases
  6. Reworked the grammar checking dialog to better show the error help
  7. Display bitmap image resolution in PPI (pixel/inch)
  8. Better numbering for Arabic and Persian language
  9. Displaying non-printable characters on the end  and middle of line.

This tutorial explains you how to install the newest version of Libre Office through PPA. It explains you to way to upgrade the Libre Office. Follow these instructions to do so:

Open your terminal and login as root to execute installation process.  For upgrading without new installation, you only need this command:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
You can manually upgrade using the software updater wizard to upgrade you current Libre.  By adding this common official PPA, it will allow you to upgrade the Libre office for the next update or changes.

Enjoy to try.