Jan 17, 2013

Libre Office Tutorial 3: Creating and Saving New Document

Our previous Libre Office Tutorial explains you the basic menu of the word processor. Hopefully, it will help you to understand the main basic function of available menu on Libre Office. To learn on how to use Libre is easier for those people who used MS-Office before since every one can find some similarities on the basic function of menus. No worry needed to start using the Libre including for Microsoft Windows users since it is available as well for this proprietary operating system.  
This 3rd Libre Office Tutorial will focus on how to create and save the new document on it. Basically --in the same way-- it is universally can be used for all libre Application, such as Writer, Math and Impress.

The course objectives for this tutorial are:
  1. Explain you how to create the new document for Libre Application
  2. Explain you how to save the document
  3. Setting the password the document for opening and editing
A. Creating New Document
To create the new document, users can use the main shortcut or using the main menu. To learn about menu, see the previous tutorial here. Using the main or the shortcut menu, You can choose the kind of file you need to create. The interesting feature on the Libre is the easy way to create other kind of document while you open another Libra application. For the example: you can easily create Math file when you open the Impress. For the quick access, you can press CTRL + N on your keyboard.

Choose type of file, then click. You will have the new file. See the pictures below:
Creating File using main menu
creating file using shortcut
 The sample of new Writer document
C. Saving Document
The easiest way to save the document is using CTRL + S on the keyboard. When the file is still unnamed, the system will automatically offers the "Save As" function. You will be asked to give your document names. If your files have been given a name, it will save all the new work on document. we recommend you to save the document you type for every 10 minutes. It avoid you from loosing the document when the problem happens on the Libre or Operating System.

Another way to save document is by clicking the "Save", "Save As" or "Save All" menu from the main menu. Save As will offer you to give a name for document. It can be used for the new document or for changing the document name. "Save All" will be available when you open more than one document in the same time.

For advanced, you can choose the most appropriate type of document you needed including some types of MS-Office.   
Saving the file
Saving the file

D. Setting the password for Document on Libre Office
For the security and secreet reason, you can manually add the password on the document. You can give different restriction for other user on your document, including restriction to open, restriction to edit and allows read-only access for other user.

You can customize the password according to the level of restriction you want.
Set the password to open document
Advanced option for security
Once you applied the password for the document, it will be needed for opening and editing the document depending on the level you choose.
The system asking user to enter the password

E. Converting Document into PDF
Converting document to PDF, natively, on Libre Office is easier. Libre provides a feature to do this action. Easily, you can click the icon (shortcut) to convert you document into PDF. You can chooses as well the version of Adobe PDF files you needed.

Enjoy reading tis tutorial. The Next tutorial will show you on how to customize the styles of document.