Jan 20, 2013

Libre Office Tutorial 4: How to Manage Libre Office Toolbar

The previous Libre Office Tutorial on this blog explained you on the new and saving files management. This tutorial will focus on the toolbar management. Actually, toolbar is one of the most important element which helps you while writing the document on the the office suits application. It allows you to do quick styling on the document as well.  Libre Office actually provides several different toolbar to make user easier to manage their document. Some part of toolbar introduction on LibreOffice has been explained on the second tutorial. The Libre has three kind of the main toolbars: the floating, docked (the fixed in some position) and the tear off one.

The docked toolbar

Floating toolbar

The docked toolbar actually can be move to the different position. It can be made as the float one as well. Otherwise, the float one can be placed in a position as the docked. The top one, then, is called the standard. See the previous article on Libre Office to know about the main toolbar. 

Displaying the hidden toolbar

Some toolbars, by default are hidden. User can make it as the shown toolbar by clicking View menu then toolbar (View => Toolbar). Choose the specific one which want to be shown to add into the list.

Moving the toolbars
Some people like to move the toolbar into the specific place that is more comfortable to be used while using the office application. User can use the mouse to move it by clicking the left side of the toolbar and drag it to other position. See the picture below:
Customizing toolbar
Users can actually customize the toolbar elements (icons) those are shown. The can decide to show one element, and hide the other one. Creating the new toolbar is also available. To add the icons to be shown, you can do right click between the icons. automatically it will open the new window which helps you to decide which icons are being shown in the specific toolbar. Actually, it depends on the user needs. see the figure below:

Tear-off and how to customize
Some toolbar icons has the sub-menus, such as some festures for drawing. This sub-menu is named the tear-off one. Actually it can be made as the floating one. It helps some user to access the sub menu quickly. See these two figures below:

Now you can customize the Libre Office toolbars according to your specific needs. Enjoy!