Feb 23, 2013

Simple Netbeans 7.3 Installation on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Netbeans is commonly known among the programmer and other developer. Based on Java, it is developed to support the programmer to easily write the programing code. It allows fast code writing using it default and powerful features. As it is developed under Java Development Kit (JDK), it can be installed easily on the various operating system, both the open source based or the proprietary. Since JDK 7 released, users can easier install this application without one by one installation process.

Currently, Oracle has just released Netbean 7.3. This new version offers some updates on the features and some bugs fixing. according to the release note, this version provides some new features and described below:
  • Rich Web applications (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Extended clipboard and refactoring improvements in Java Editor
  • JavaTM SE Development Kit 7 Update 13 support
  • Full support of JavaFX 2.2.5 SDK
  • Support for JavaME SDK 3.2

Our previous tutorial shows you on the installation process for Netbean 7.2 for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. This tutorial will show you on how to install the Netbeans 7.3 on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. To do it, follow these instructions:

1. Download the source package 
You can easily download the installer in the official website here. Make suSearch This Blogre that you have the right installer according to you operating system. Once you did, go to the next step.

2.  changing the source file permission 
To change the file permission to be executable, you need to run the terminal and go to the folder where the file is stored. By default, it will be stored on the Download directory. See the sample below as illustration:
cd ~/Downloads
The run the command to change the permission:
sudo chmod +x filename
The sample is here:
sudo chmod +x netbeans-7.3linux.sh
3. Execute the installer file
After changing the file permission, you can exactly run installer. Type this command to do:
Let the installation finished. Once finished, you will have the new Netbeans on your system. Enjoy!