Feb 19, 2013

The Face of Ubuntu Tablets

Tablet computer is a growing trend of the communication and computing tool nowadays. It offers more than a telephone experience, but a computing as well. It is now replacing the use of the netbook for easy connectivity and portable computing. It makes users easier to access document, to connect with internet data, to do some simple computing operation.

The growth of the tablets users is related as well with the fast growth of the application on the mobile tablets computers. There are thousands of application those are developed by the individual, community and corporate which can be downloaded and easily to installed. Google through it Android is   and Apple, are two biggest developer for the tablets operating system. But now, the new experiences of using the tablets is challenged by the release of  other operating system, including Ubuntu Tablet.

Canonical, formally, has announced the face of their Ubuntu Tablets. It'is promised that the tablet operating system will give new experiences for tablets users. It is created after Ubuntu announced the release of Ubuntu Smart TV.

Ubuntu Tablets actually has some similar features compared to desktop.  It allows the owner of tablets to created multiple user, including super admin and guest as well. It makes the tablets more secure when somebody borrow it from the owner.

It offers as well the new interface which helps users to easily access the files, watching the videos and doing some other activities without disturbing the current running activity.  Ubuntu gives the different function for top, bottom, left and right sidebar. People can easily handle the tablets for multiple task.

Ubuntu tablets offers the swipe function to run, activate or access the features of the tablets. Users can easily connect to the data, processing files and activating the features using this mode. It offers new experiences of computing on Tablets.

See these two official videos of Ubuntu Tablets to know details: