Feb 7, 2013

Upgrade the Kadenlive to 0.9.4 version to Avoid Crash Problem

Kdenlive has released the 0.9.4 version on January 2012. As the new version, it offers the new stability on the core machine which avoids the crash problem appears. Actually the crash problem is one of the big problem which is reported by many Kdenlive users.

The new version of Kdenlive, as promised by the developer, offers more stability on the core machine. The developers encourages the users to upgrade this editor to the newest version to solve crash problem. This solution will help you to avoid losing your running works.

The Kdenlive crash often happen when users try to drop and drag the files into the track, adding some video elements or inserting the video resource into the list. It will automatically close the program which, sometimes, makes users lose their works. The previous version encourages users to manually save the file when they finished adding or finishing something on editor.

By the new stability, the developer announces and encourages the users to upgrade kdenlive to solve crash problem. Formally developers announced that the stability is the main focus for Kdenlive development for this version. They consider the crash as the major problems for the users.

Since the new Kdenlive is not added yet into the Ubuntu repository, users can manually upgrade the Kdenlive using PPA. Users can use terminal to manually do this installation. Open You terminal and login as the root. Once finished, run these commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release
sudo apt-get update && apt-get install kdenlive
Enjoy to have kdenlive without crash.