Mar 2, 2013

Quick Installation Newest Virtual Box 4.2.8 on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Oracle has announced for stable Virtual Box 4.2.8 for Windows, Mac Os and Linux as well. It is actually a common application as virtual machine. It allows you to install  other operating systems on the current system as a virtual. It helps you to test other operating system. Manually, I use this application to test several different operating system for making tutorials.

Commonly this application is used to simulate the operating system without deleting the current operating system on the computer. It helps you to run multiple operating system in a machine. It becomes most helpful for those people who created the users documentation.

This current version offers some bugs fixing, especially for those are related to the stability.  The bug which crashes guest machine is fixed as well on this version. The crash that happened on some game application is also fixed. It offers more stable version compared to the previous one.

Our previous tutorial has shown you installation method for previous VB on Linux Mint and Ubuntu. This tutorial will guide you how to install Virtual Box 4.2.8 on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. To install or upgrade the Virtual box on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, follow these steps:

Run terminal and login as root. The first step you need to do is adding the repository for installation. Run this command to do:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
And then this command:
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) contrib" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'
At the last, run this command to install or upgrade the virtual box:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.2
Once you need to remove the virtual box, you can use this command on terminal:
sudo apt-get purge virtualbox-4.2 && sudo apt-get autoremove

Virtual Box 2.4.8 Changelog

  • X11 Additions: fixed blocked SIGALRM in 3D desktop sessions (bug #10987)
  • Linux hosts: work around gcc bug 55940 which might lead to wrong kernel module code if gcc 4.7 is used to compile the 32-bit Linux host kernel (bug #11035)
  • X11 Additions: fixed an unresolved reference in vboxvideo_drv for 6.8 guests and before (e.g. RHEL4; 4.2.0 regression)
  • Guest Additions: fixed a small memory leak in VBoxService (bug #10970)
  • Windows Additions: fixed shared folder issue with large reads/writes on 64 bit Windows guests (bug #11115)
  • Guest Additions: don’t block signals for processes executed via guest control
  • Linux Additions: Linux 3.8 compile fixes (bug #11036)
  • X11 Additions: fixed screen automatic resizing for guests with 1.3 or older (4.2.0 regression)
  • Linux hosts: fixed inconsistent lock state and deadlock warnings on module load and VM startup when CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING is enabled (bug #11318)

Enjoy it.