May 20, 2013

Avast Anti-Virus Installation on Ubuntu 12.10/13.04 and Linux Mint [2013]

How to install Avast Anti-virus on Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04 and Linux Mint?

When I decided to write antivirus installation on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, the major question left on mind is: Do Linux users need Antivirus? I believe, according to my experience, that common Linux users don't need antivirus at all. The structure of Linux with root access restrict virus to control the computer. Instead of Linux Security itself, basically most of the viruses are developed to run on the windows operating system. Therefore, it will not work at all on the Linux Platform. So why do we need to install antivirus on Linux?

Basically we need to realize that many people still use Windows operating system. Sometimes we still communicate each other with people who use windows using the email, at the same time we usually send them the files or share the files from the third party. The online interaction with the Windows users actually is the reason why we need antivirus. When we decided to forward some files from other people --who use windows-- for the second time we need to check is there any viruses inside the file we will send. Actually we need to ensure that we don't send our friends, colleagues and partners files infected by the virus even it never work on our Linux computer. Therefore, in some cases we need to scan the files we're going to send to windows users using antivirus.

This article will shows you how to install free Avast Antivirus on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. This article is written to answer several question asking the newest link to get Avast installer for Linux. My previous article on Avast installation  has explained you to this stuff but now I need to update the information.

Avast as the free antivirus platform provides the specific installer of the anti virus that works on various distribution, such as Debian based and other RPM based. You can manually find the installer on this official site.Once you open this website, go to the "other" tab and find various Linux installer on this page. You can choose to Download .deb package for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. You can also download tar file for source code.

I choose to write the common installation mode here. Once you have downloaded installer file, open the directory where the file's stored. Double click on .deb file and it will automatically run installation process. Click on the "install package" menu for installation and it will finished installing Avast on your system.

Enjoy to have Avast on your Ubuntu Linux. Let us know your feedback.