May 14, 2013

Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" RC Is Ready to Download and Used

Finally Linux Mint 15 with Olivia Release Candidate as the official released name is ready for Download. It's now available to be Installed. Basically Linux Mint is Ubuntu-based Linux distribution (distro) which aims to provide a perfect user experience
on Linux. It's commonly known that Mint has been developing several series of interesting operating system which can be more easily used. 
Consistent with the using of Gnome 2 --which then is developed by Linux Mint developers itself-- Linux Mint brings flexibility and the easy feel to use Linux. Many people who are migrating to use Linux from MS will not be so hard to start using this distro since it comes with easy and popular Graphic user interface.   

Linux Mint 15 basically bring 3 major new features including Cinnamon 1.8, Nemo 1.8 and MDM 1.2. Basically as it's developed from Ubuntu, Linux Mint is compatible with Ubuntu Repository and other applications stored on PPA for Ubuntu. It will makes users easier to get various applications those are developed officially by Ubuntu, Specific developers and stored on Ubuntu Repository, and other community or personal application developers. 

Need to try Linux Mint 15? As the previous version launched 2 version, this version will also available in Cinnamon and Mate DE version. You may choose the best one of them to used. Officially Linux Mint 15 will be released on the end of May 2013. But now the release candidate (RC) is  already available for Download. Enjoy to have Linux Mint 15.

Linux Mint 15 RC Download Links